Energy Work To Shift

One of my favorite healing modalities is energy work. Energy work is a broad term and rightly so. Many are familiar with the Japanese hands on healing technique Reiki and Healing Touch that is widely used in hospitals. Energy in this instance refers to the energy body. Before I went to massage school if you told me that people could tap into an invisible field of energy that surrounds, enmeshes with and is, ultimately, the body I wouldn't have believed it. My journey from massage school was one of identifying and realizing the potency of working with the field. The Alex Grey art above is one of his many representations of our energy body and its connection with the world around us.

Within our body is held our past and our potential. Our density, other people’s density and our body wisdom. Old ways of being, sticky emotions and well-worn patterns are all within our body. Energy work dislodges the density and helps it to move through. This can manifest in the way we show up in the world. Old ideas about ourselves, chronic injuries and emotional garbage can all be affected by energy work.

Often my patients have major disconnects in their body, meaning that sections of the body are separate from the rest. For instance many people's heads are not in communication with the rest of the body, or their right and left half don't "speak" to each other. Much like acupuncture the energy work I do is about restoring the communication for optimal emotional and physical health.

Some of the reasons I have sought energy work relate to feeling stuck in my life, recurring injuries and a desire to let go of old emotional patterns. I will never forget the moment that a major block in the solar plexus region of my body was moved by energy work. I had been working for about two years on myself with group work and various therapies including deep breathing techniques. The problem was that I could never get my breath past my solar plexus, the goal being to get it into the belly. It felt like there was something stuck there blocking the pathway. My Tantra coach was teaching me to work with and move energy in my body. During one lengthy session I felt her working and shifting the energetic patterns in my body and all of a sudden there was this space in the solar plexus area. I inhaled deeply and felt my breath descend past the solar plexus for the first time. I immediately burst into tears because it felt so good to release that old, dense and pointless energy.

During a session it is common for people to feel warmth, pain, stirring, tingling, see colors or feel like they are floating. Some find it incredibly relaxing. Others have seen visions or heard the voices of their guides. Some people twitch and shake as the old density moves out of the body. Those familiar with Peter Levine's trauma work say this is trauma being released from the body. Often the effects of an energy work session are subtle and it may take some time to see how it affects your life. There have been times after a session where I felt completely different, with a new perspective and my outlook on life has changed. There have been times where I wasn’t sure how I felt, only that I felt more spacious in certain areas of my body. Think of all the times that you felt lost, disconnected, stressed out or overly emotional. Those are the situations in which energy work is especially indicated.

Energy work isn't a panacea, it's a tool in my bag that I use to help people shift. It's a tool I've had applied to me many times and seen it make a real difference. Over the years I have become a stellar energy worker, developing my own methods that work best for me. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter the name or modality of the energy work, it’s all the same. I often combine crystals and essential oils into my sessions. These items have a particular effect on the various systems of the body to help my patients shift. Energy work is energy work is energy work. As long as density is being moved, sections are being reconnected then something is happening. The change starts there, in the space that’s made when we clear it. That’s where the shift to better emotional and physical health begins.

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