Tis the Season for Cold and Flu

It's baaaack! Cold and flu season.

Why? We travel more, often have more emotional stress, an increase in sugar intake, and engage in more communal sharing of food. We all know colds are viruses. But that doesn’t really matter from a holistic standpoint. It’s all about the relative strength of your immune system versus the pathogen.

Chinese medicine says that viruses enter through the back of the neck through open pores. This is a different way of thinking about the immune system. Some people’s pores are more open than others , some peoples immune sytems are better than others. Other factors like the dryness in the air can have a direct effect on our lungs. Some people are more susceptible to this dryness than others. This is why you may get sick and your office mate Joe doesn’t, or why you get it worse than he does.


  1. Hand washing helps to kill the virus that lives on our hands. We can also keep from touching our mucus membranes to keep illness at bay.

  2. Cover your neck in windy situations. This is especially true if you have open pores, say you just did a major workout at the gym. If you work in a highly air conditioned environment keep your neck covered with a scarf to prevent colds.

  3. Balance. Our society values overwork but your body certainly doesn’t. For some people if a little bit is good a lot is better. You can actually over sex, over eat and exercise too hard.

  4. If you feel you are getting sick, at the very first signs make yourself miso soup with tofu and add fresh green onions, be sure to use the white part of the onions as this makes you sweat. Get under the covers and sweat that pathogen out.


  1. Get treated at the very first signs of illness. What I do is medicine, use it! Getting treatment right away can kick the pathogen out of your system faster.

  2. Were you sick two weeks ago and are still coughing crap up? If you have a lingering cough or phlegm from a cold, come on in and get a treatment. I can help get you get back on track.

  3. Regular acupuncture treatments are preventatitve for a lot of illnessness including cold and flu. Treatments regularly help decrease stress and boost the immune system.As you get treated regularly you will realize you handle stress better and get sick less often

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